Upholstery Cleaning

London Upholstery CleaningThere are numerous types of upholstered furnishings throughout your house or place of work and every single one of these pieces required its own cleaning routine. So if you don’t have the necessary time, knowledge or energy to properly clean your upholstered furniture, keep calm and give us a call.

Domestic Cleaning is a pro team that specialises in a wide number of different cleaning services including upholstery cleaning. Please note that we are one of the very few companies that provide this particular service as a standalone option. So don’t waste valuable time scouting the city and give us a call instead.

If you are wondering why upholstered furniture requires frequent and meticulous cleaning, the answer is quite simple – the fabrics from which these furnishings are made tend to harbour harmful particles that can cause health complication, especially to people who suffer from allergies and breathing disorders.

Another reason why upholstered furnishings must be cleaned regularly is that they tend to stain easily. Note that while some stains are easy to remove other are quite durable and if not treated properly they may cause permanent damages to the upholstery. Fortunately for you, we are here to help you with the removal of both resilient and trouble-free stains. The cleaning solutions that we use are highly efficient and can quickly, swiftly and without any complications remove all types of stains.London Upholstery Cleaning

To our knowledge we are presently the only upholstery cleaning company that has the necessary tools to immaculately do its job. Leather is quite tricky as it tend to damage very easily. This is why we have invested heavily into the right cleaning equipment. Today with the aid of our instruments we are able to promptly clean leather furnishings and to removal all stains and spills without ever putting the material in danger.

If you are worried that your budget is too limited to afford our services, don’t be. Since we founded our company we have always worked with fair and reasonable prices. We have chosen to work with affordable cleaning fees because we understand the hard time in which we are living and more importantly we believe that maintain an excellent quality/price ratio is much more importantly than overpricing our services.

Please don’t be shy to give us a telephone call or to write us an e-mail if you wish to request further information about:

  • Our company and cleaning services
  • Our firm policies and methods of work
  • Our cleaning fees
  • How you can demand a quote

Know that our quotes are always based on the individual parameters of each project for which are going to be hired and more importantly are free of charge and free of obligation. You can get our contact details from our company website and while you are there make sure that you explore our site in full at it contains interesting information about us.