Cleaning FAQ

In our Frequently Asked Questions page, you will find useful information regarding our services and answers to some common queries you can also check our cleaning reviews page, where you can find what our customers have to say about our services, or you can get back to Domestic Cleaning‘s home page. Should you need further details about how and why we do things, please feel free to contact us online or over the phone.

  • What happens if I cannot be home while cleaning takes place?

Generally, our cleaners do not require customer supervision as we work with courteous and diligent professionals. It is absolutely no problem if you cannot be present at the address while cleaning takes place. Please speak to our consultants at the time of making your booking if we are to collect keys to the property, or to inform us of any other arrangements.

  • Do you send the same cleaners to customers who have a fixed schedule cleaning service?

Yes, by default we send the same cleaning team as they become accustomed to cleaning specifics of the property and are more efficient. Unless otherwise requested by you we will send you the same cleaners every time.

  • What happens if I am not happy with the standard of cleaning I received?

By all means let us know of any issues and concerns regarding our cleaning results and quality of work. We will be sure to address those accordingly and provide you with the required level of cleaning in order to deliver results that meet your expectations and requirements.

  • What happens if I need a basic, one-off cleaning service, can you arrange it?

Absolutely, one-off cleaning is one of our most popular and frequently requested services. We will visit your home in a suitable time and day of the week and provide you with high-quality one-off cleaning that meets your requirements in full.

  • What type of cleaning systems/cleaning products do you use?

In general, we stick to mild cleaning products which do not contain any toxic substances, harsh chemical solvents or other aggressive ingredients. Some of our services (such as steam cleaning) are performed using the natural cleaning power of steam, without the addition of any cleaning products.

  • How often do I need to clean the property?

Generally, the frequency and duration of cleaning visits is entirely up to you. As per professional cleaning industry standards, the average home needs proper cleaning at least twice a week. However, steam cleaning for upholsteries, mattresses and carpets needs to be done at least once every four to six months.

  • Do you do specialised carpet cleaning?

Yes, we provide a professional steam cleaning service for all types of synthetic and natural fibre carpets either as standalone or in combination with another of our services. As alternative, we can also organise for dry carpet cleaning.

  • What options do I have in terms of booking hours?

We maintain week round availability under flexible booking hours. We will do the cleaning in a suitable time and day of the week with minimum disruption to your daily schedule. If necessary we can arrange for evening or early morning cleaning visits.

  • What if I need to cancel the service?

You can cancel your booked cleaning service with us at any time. However, we recommend becoming familiar with our cancelation policy by reading our Terms and Conditions page, or by contacting our customer consultants via phone or email.